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Hello and welcome to Cuthbert Farms Productions. My name is Alan Cuthbert and I am the owner and manager. I am a former Police officer, farmer and Actor.   

I was an Executive Producer and an Actor on the feature film Matriarch which was filmed entirely here on location and the surrounding area.

I realised that there was a market for a reasonably priced filming facility within easy reach of Glasgow and Stirling. Something that would be suitable as a Unit Base and as a location.

Whilst making sure my farm buildings remain suitable for the use they were intended I have adapted them to meet this requirement. 


Some of the advantages of our facility :

We are within half an hour of the centres of Glasgow and Stirling . A huge pool of cast and crew within easy reach.   

We are not on the Glasgow Airport flight path, but we can get to the airport in 40mins.  

We are reasonably remote, which affords privacy. 

I have been involved with film production so I am sympathetic to filming requirements. 

Our farm is over 500 acres of differing landscape which offers varied filming potential. 

The farm is in hand so there is potential to use our vehicles, machinery, props etc    

We do not have a set hire fee. I realise that every Productions budget is different so I prefer to work out a fee that is suitable for both parties.

Fees are generally for the hire of the facility only, but for an additional charge I am available as a producer, with a small ‘p’. 

During filming, where possible,  we will have a caretaker on site. 

Alan Cuthbert

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